We Resolve

new year resolve

Happy new year! Welcome to 2016!

For some, a new year is a welcome relief, putting the past behind us and gearing up for the promise and possibility of a fresh start.

For others, a new year is faced with trepidation, leaving the security and comfort of what is known and once again tackling the overwhelming feat of all that has yet to be realized.

Schools in the NativityMiguel Coalition balance the best of both mindsets:

Our mission thrives on the promise and possibility of a fresh start. Our students and families are enthused about what lies ahead even though their past has been defined too often by poverty. Similarly, our leaders, faculty and staff approach each day with a zeal for creation as we learn how we best educate our students and serve our families. Can we be bold enough to stay true to our resolution of an urgent revolution to break the cycle of poverty through faith-based education?

At the same time as we vigorously step forward to say “Let’s do this!,” we recall that our mission was founded on what was already known and transferred from one generation to the next even before our schools existed. Our schools are inspired by charisms that have been the constant strength and connection for many men and women who fearlessly pursued what we pursue now.  By honoring and celebrating the traditions that have withstood the test of time, we step forward with grace and courage to become better and more faithful to our pursuit.

Nancy Langer, President of the NativityMiguel School of Buffalo shared a video from a local organization featuring three members of the school community: Fr. Ed, a Jesuit priest; Sr. Jenny, a Mercy sister; and Sr. Timothy, an Oblate Sister of Providence. The three educators beautifully express the spirituality that exists in balancing the tradition of where we have come from and enthusiastically embracing the possibility of what lies ahead.

This spirituality is core to the resolve of the NativityMiguel Schools to deliver on our educational mission of providing an excellent, accessible education to students from impoverished families in underserved areas. In the year ahead, our Coalition is committed to learning how we improve upon our promise. All together now, let’s do this.

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