Graduate Support

What everyone should know
about our Graduate Support Program (GSP): 

GSP is an essential component of our educational design.

A NativityMiguel education extends beyond graduation.

Supports and services may vary; the commitment is standard

Breaking the cycle of poverty requires extra support and resources.

GSP supports the family.

GSP is always learning how we can better support alumni.

  • With the insight and direction of our GSP Council, the NativityMiguel Coalition supports the growth and development of the Graduate Support Program.  The Council is comprised of GSP Directors from member schools.  We thank our GSP Council members for their valued contribution.
  • How did GSP get started? To better understand the compelling purpose of the Graduate Support Program, a couple of NativityMiguel Pioneers recalled the origins of GSP.  Read their story that continues to impact thousands of graduates each year.
  • Our graduates are amazing individuals with who are achieving their goals.  We celebrate a few of their incredible stories:
    Leaders of Today
    My Educational Journey
    I Would Not Be Here Today Without GSP

GSP is an essential component of our educational design.
Every student who enrolls in our schools is always part of our “family.” The Graduate Support Program (GSP) begins before graduation to ensure that students access and enroll in the most appropriate, most rigorous high school or post-secondary opportunity to continue their education. Data tracked through GSP informs our schools about areas of strength and improvement which leads to a better education.

A NativityMiguel education extends beyond graduation.
After graduation, GSP assumes a more prominent role with more extensive care and support as graduates transition to and persist in the next level of education.  GSP reinforces the goal of a NativityMiguel education to see our graduates through an appropriate post-secondary opportunity and position our students for personal and professional success.

Supports and services may vary; the commitment is standard.
While GSP supports and services may vary from school to school, one thing is standard in all schools, the commitment to our graduates and alumni extends beyond graduation. A typical GSP may provide tutoring, mentoring, social events, school visits, tuition assistance, college visits, college application assistance, internships, summer job placements, etc.

Breaking the cycle of poverty requires extra support and resources.
Poverty is a reality though that constantly disrupts and threatens that success. GSP provides the extra support and access to resources that alleviate the effects of poverty. For graduates who stay on the trajectory for success, GSP provides the extra push to overcome obstacles and reach personal and professional goals. For graduates who struggle, GSP is an always-present lifeline to advocate in their best interest and get them back on track.

GSP supports the family.
Success is often dependent on the desire and motivation of the student in the context of the family unit. GSP is not intended to replace the role of family, rather GSP partners with them as stakeholders in the lives of their children and advocates for what is in the best interest of the student.

GSP is always learning how we can better support alumni.
Through the NativityMiguel Coalition, GSP Directors collaborate with others across the country to better understand the needs of our alumni and implement strategies to best support those needs. GSP Directors share best practice and inform one another of opportunities (ie. programs, scholarships, and resources) that allow us to better help our alumni thrive.