Our Results

Executive Summary Report 2015_Page_1The NativityMiguel Coalition is 35 member schools educating 2,780 of students and supporting 5,827 graduates and alumni.
  • 75% of students are eligible for the national free lunch program and 13% are eligible for the national reduced lunch program.
  • Additionally, 47% of students are male and 53% of students are female.
  • 49% identify as African-American, 38% as Latino, 5% as Mixed ethnicity, 2% as Asian, 2.5% as Caucasian, 2% as Caribbean and 1.5% as Native American.
  • 66% of member schools are accredited and another 31% will be seeking accreditation in the next three years.
Our schools are enrolled at 87% of capacity.
  • On average, our schools enroll 79 students with 21 students at each grade level
  • Our average daily attendance rate is 96.5%.
  • Our students are in school for 9.4 hours per day, 2.8 more than peers in traditional public schools.
  • More so, 97% of our schools are in session for more days each year than public school and 91% of schools provide summer camp, summer school or both for all students.
Our schools reported a retention rate of 93.3% from October 2013 to October 2014. Of the students no longer enrolled,
  • 1.3% of students were dismissed for behavioral reasons, 0.8% for academic reasons and 4.7% of parents decided to enroll their child in another school.
Of our students who graduated from middle school in 2014, 60.3% enrolled in private Catholic high schools,
  • 9.2% enrolled in magnet high schools,
  • 8.3% enrolled in private, independent, non-Catholic high schools,
  • 8.1% enrolled in traditional district public high schools,
  • 7.8% enrolled in charter high schools,
  • 3% enrolled in private boarding schools, and
  • 2.4% enrolled in vocational high schools
  • Of the 559 graduates from our schools last year, 75% were enrolled in the entry grade and remained enrolled for all grades.
Of our students who graduated from middle school in 2010, 90% graduated from high school four years later in 2014.
  • 4% remain enrolled in high school and 1% received a GED.
Of the students who graduated from high school in 2014, 63% enrolled in a 4-year college/university.
  • This includes 38% who enrolled in public colleges/universities, 13% who enrolled in private non-Catholic colleges/universities, and 12% who enrolled in Catholic colleges/universities.
  • An additional 22% enrolled in a 2-year community college, and 4% enrolled in a vocational school or another type of specialized post-secondary program, and 1% joined the military. 4% are working full-time. Member schools lost contact with 6% of high school graduates.

For more information, click on our Executive Summary Report 2015

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