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Our Mission

The NativityMiguel Coalition is member-driven and member-invested.  Our mission is the strength of our members, and our members believe they are stronger together than they are as a single school.  As member schools learn and inform new ways to flourish in impoverished communities, their leaders inspire, equip, and compel one another with mission-aligned support and accountability to effectively deliver on their mission. 

The Coalition will continue its focus on three priorities in 2018-19. To address the three priority areas outlined below, the NativityMiguel Coalition will study what is working in member schools; advise school leaders on strategic priorities; connect member schools with relevant expertise and research; coordinate a national conference annually; share best practice via technology; and develop a regional structure with regional supports and programming.

1. Explicitly Faith-Based: An explicitly faith-based environment develops the whole child and directly impacts a student’s formation and achievement. The Coalition will examine and promote the distinct value that a culture of faith adds to a student’s education.

2. Effective Administrative Structure: Member schools thrive on an effective administrative structure employing strong leadership and effective practice to be viable with a non-tuition-driven model and minimal government funding. The Coalition will examine and promote the best practices that drive the viability of our schools in areas of mission, governance, advancement, operations, and instruction.

3. Support Students Beyond Graduation: Member schools support students after graduation to foster their continued development, achievement, and contribution to their communities. The Coalition will examine and promote how this unique component helps students excel at each level of education and successfully enter the next stage of personal and professional life.


The NativityMiguel Coalition also positions member schools within a credible scale of impact that is not possible with a single school. The NativityMiguel Coalition amplifies the profound contribution of these schools to key national stakeholders. Our most current data is available on Our Results page.  We will continue to capture the collective impact of our school educating thousands of students and identify schools that are showing exceptional results.

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